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PicoScope 6424E, 4 channels, 500 MHz, FlexRes

  • 4 analog channels
  • 8/10/12 FlexRes ADC
  • 500 MHz bandwidth
  • 4 GS memory
  • 300.000 waveforms per second update rate
  • USB 3.0 interface
  • PicoScope 6 software and PicoSDK included
  • 21 serial protocol decoder/analyzers included
  • Mask limit testing and user-definable alarms
  • High-resolution time-stamping of waveforms
  • Over ten million DeepMeasure™ results per acquisition
  • Advanced triggers: edge, window, pulse width, window pulse width, level dropout, window dropout, interval, runt and logic
  • Details

(ex. VAT) € 8 155.00
RRP € 8 155.00
Availability On inquiry
Product code PT_PQ201

Guarantee 12 months

Detailed Description PicoScope 6424E, 4 channels, 500 MHz, FlexRes manufacturers description

The PicoScope 6000E Series fixed-resolution and FlexRes oscilloscopes provide 8 to 12 bits of vertical resolution, with 500 MHz bandwidth and 5 GS/s sampling rate. Models with four or eight analog channels have the timing and amplitude resolution you need to reveal signal integrity issues such as glitches, runts, dropouts, noise, distortion and ringing. 16 digital MSO channels enable the debug and verification of complex ECUs and FPGA-based designs.

These oscilloscopes, with PicoScope 6 application software, are ideal for design engineers working with high-performance embedded systems, signal processing, power electronics, mechatronics and automotive designs, and for researchers and scientists working on multichannel high-performance experiments in physics labs, particle accelerators and similar facilities. The PicoScope 6000E Application Programming Interface (API) provides programming access to the full set of advanced hardware features and can be used to develop diverse custom and OEM applications.

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