PicoScope 2206B MSO 2 channel 50MHz

  • 2 analog + 16 digital channels
  • Bandwidth: 50 MHz
  • Memory: 32 MSa
  • Sample rate: 1 GSa/s
  • 6 instruments in one
  • USB connected and powered
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Decode 16 serial protocols as standard (MSO models)
  • Mask limit testing
  • Advanced math and filtering
  • Advanced digital triggering
  • Resolution enhancement to 12 bits
  • Windows, Linux and Mac software
  • 60 MHz passive probe included
  • Details

(ex. VAT) € 609.00
RRP € 609.00
Availability On inquiry
Product code PT_PQ009

Guarantee 24 months

Detailed Description PicoScope 2206B MSO 2 channel 50MHz manufacturers description

You can use your PicoScope 2000 Series as an advanced oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, function generator, arbitrary waveform generator and protocol decoder out of the box. Mixed signal models also add a 16 channel logic analyzer. A complete electronics lab in one compact, low-cost, USB-powered unit.

The PicoScope 2000A models deliver unbeatable value for money and are ideal for education, hobby and field service use. In the lab the low cost allows one scope per person rather than having to share.

The PicoScope 2000B models have the added benefits of deep memory (up to 128 MS), higher bandwidth (up to 100 MHz) and faster waveform update rates. PicoScope 2000B models give you the performance to carry out advanced analysis of your waveforms. They are ideal for design, debug and serial decoding.

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