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GW Instek PSW-720L45 Dual-Channel Switching DC Power Supply

  • 80V/13.5A*1 - 160V/7.2A*1 - 720W
  • Multi-channel: maximum 720W for dual-channel models and maximum 1080W for triple-channel models; output latency between channels with the same voltage module is less than 0.1ms
  • Multiple voltage combinations: low voltage combinations can be selected from 30V/40V/80V/160V; high voltage combinations can be selected from 250V/800V
  • Advanced web server: executes SCPI commands; controls through the server; data log; edit sequence
  • CC/CV priority mode selection is ideal for battery and LED industries
  • Adjustable slew rate
  • High efficiency and high power density power supply
  • Standard communications interfaces: LAN, USB, external analog remote control terminal / Optional communications interfaces: GPIB-USB adapter, RS232-USB cable
  • Support LabVIEW Driver

More detailed specifications and dimensions of available models are specified in data sheet. Details

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Product code GW_PSW-720L45

Guarantee 24 months

Detailed Description GW Instek PSW-720L45 Dual-Channel Switching DC Power Supply manufacturers description

PSW-Multi Series is a dual-channel or triple-channel wide range output programmable switching DC power supply. The maximum output power can reach 1080W. There are 13 -channel models with a rated power of 720W, and 24 triple-channel models with a rated power dual of 1080W. The rated voltages of low voltage modules are 30V, 40V, 80V, 160V. The rated voltages of high voltage modules are 250V and 800V.

The CV/CC priority selection of the PSW-Multi eries is a very useful feature for DUT protection. The conventional power supply n S ormally operates under CV mode when the power output is turned on. This could bring a high inrush current to the capacitive load or currentintensive load at the power output-on stage. Taking the I-V curve verification of LED as an example, it becomes a very challenging task to perform this measurement using a conventional power supply. With LED connected to a power supply under CV mode as the initial setting, when the power output is turned on and the voltage rises to the LED forward voltage, the current will suddenly peak up and exceed the preset value of current limit. Upon detecting this high current, the power supply starts the transition from CV mode to CC mode. Though the current becomes stable after the CC mode being activated, the current spike occurred at the CV and CC crossover point may possibly damage the DUT. At the power output-on stage, the PSW-Multi eries S is able to operate under CC priority to limit the current spike occurred at the threshold voltage and therefore protects DUT from the inrush current damage.

The adjustable slew rate of the PSW-Multi eries allows users to set for either output voltage or output current, a specific rise S time from low to high level transition, and a specific fall time from high to low level transition. This facilitates the characteristic verification of a DUT during voltage or current level changes with controllable slew rates. Most manufacturing tests of lighting device or large capacitor during power output-on are associated with the occurrence of high surge current, which can greatly reduce the life time of the DUT. To prevent inrush current from damaging current-intensive devices, a smooth and slow voltage transition during power On-Off can significantly reduce the pike current and protect the device from high current damage.

The OVP and OCP are provided with the PSW-Multi eries. Both OVP and OCP levels can be selected, with default level set at 110%, S of the rated voltage/current of the power supply. When any of the protection levels is tripped, the power output will be switched off to protect the DUT. The PSW-Multi eries provides USB Host/Device and LAN interfaces as standard, GPIB-USB adapter and RS232-USB cable as option S al. The LabVIEW driver and the Data Logging PC software are supported on all the available interfaces. An analog control/monitoring connector is also available on the rear panel for external control of power On/Off and external monitoring of power output Voltage and Current.

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