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Pendulum CNT-90XL Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer


    Applications and Features

  • Pulsed, Chirped, and Doppler Radar testing and calibration
  • Microwave link carrier calibration
  • Satellite communication equipment testing
  • RF and microwave instrumentation calibration
  • RF components and modules, including YIG and VCO testing
  • Medical RF equipment testing
  • Leading Performance

  • High resolution is vital for R&D and production testing. CNT-90XL meets this requirement with 100 ps single shot (time) or 12 digits/s (frequency). Obtained values are displayed with up to 14 digits.
  • For calibration purposes, the CNT-90XL offers very high accuracy through stable internal OCXO time base, plus high resolution.
  • Both USB and GPIB interfaces are standard. With USB you won’t need to invest in a GPIB interface card for your PC. The GPIB operates in either SCPI/GPIB or 53131 emulation mode, for plug-and-play replacement in existing ATE systems.
  • Menu-oriented settings reduce the risk of mistakes. Valuable signal information, given in multi-parameter displays, removes the need for other instruments like DVM’s and Scopes.
  • Details

RRP on inquiry
Availability 4 weeks
Product code PEN_CNT-90XL

Guarantee 24 months

Detailed Description Pendulum CNT-90XL Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer manufacturers description

The Pendulum CNT-90XL Pulsed RF Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer is an excellent tool for measurement, analysis and calibration of Microwave Frequency, Power, and Pulsed RF time parameters like pulse width and PRI.

Whether in test systems, on the R&D bench, in the calibration lab or out in the field, the high-resolution and ultra-fast CNT-90XL is the state-of-the-art Microwave Counter/Analyzer.

The new pulsed RF option enables measurements of pulses down to 30 ns width, plus PRI/PRF, frequency in burst and power in burst making CNT-90XL ideal for radar test and calibration.

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