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Graphtec GR_GL840-WV E midi LOGGER GL840, Withstand Voltage Model

  • GL840-WV: High Voltage Withstand model, suitable for stacked high voltage battery applications or high-precision temperature measurements
  • Number of analog input channels: 20 channels in standard configuration, Expandable up to 200 channels
  • Number of analog input terminals: Up to 10 terminals (20 channels / terminal), standard config:1
  • Three types of input system for measurements of various signals
  • All channels isolated
  • Analog signal input port
  • Logic/Pulse signal input port
  • USB 2.0, Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
  • Wireless measurement using wireless LAN (optional)
  • Maximum sampling interval of up to 10 ms
  • Supporting large size SD/SDHC memory card
  • Easy operation with control button, large 7" color monitor
  • Details

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Product code GR_GL840-WV E

Detailed Description Graphtec GR_GL840-WV E midi LOGGER GL840, Withstand Voltage Model manufacturers description

Isolated/Universal Input, Standalone Multi-Channel Datalogger Graphtec GL840-M / GL840-WV

    Three types of input system enable to measure various phenomena

      Input system 1 - Multifunction analog input ports: Contains a highly isolated input system which ensures that signals are not corrupted by noise from other channels. The GL840's inputs are suitable for combined measurements from voltage, temperature, humidity, logic, and pulse signals. The standard configuration has 20 analog input channels. It is expandable to 200 channels by adding optional 20 channels extension terminal base unit (B-566) and input terminal units (B-564 or B-565).

      Input system 2 - Support digital sensors: Digital sensors and input terminal/adapters for the GL100 connects to the GL840 directly

      Input system 3 - 4 channels of Logic/Pulse inputs: Supports 4-channels logic or pulse signal inputs. Pulse mode allows cumulative, instant, or rotational values for industrial measurement capability with speed and flow.

    Built-in 4GB Flash memory with SD card support

      The new GL series enables reliable long term measurment with its built-in 4GB flash memory and SD card slot for external storage devices. The SD card slot supports an SDHC memory card of up to 32GB. The captured data can be stored in GBD (Graphtec binary data) or CSV file format.

    Maximum sampling interval of up to 10ms

      Provides faster sampling rates for voltage measurements. Up to 10ms sampling speed is achievable when limiting the number of channels in use.

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