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GW Instek GSM-20H10 Programmable High Precision DC Source Meter

  • Maximum output +-210 V / +- 1.05 A / 22 W
  • Built-in Sequence Output Modes (Stair, Log, SRC-MEM, Custom), up to 2500 Points
  • OVP / OTP Protection Function
  • 0,012% Bacic Measure Accuracy with 6,5 digit Resolution
  • Variable Sampling Speed
  • SDM (Source Delay Measure) Cycle
  • 2-, 4-, 6-wire Remote V-source and Measure Sensing
  • Variable Display Digits
  • Built-in Limit Function
  • Built-in 5 calculation functions
  • 4,3" TFT LCD, Digital Number Keyboard
  • Built-in RTC Clock
  • Interface: RS-232, USBTMC, LAN, GPIB (Optional)
  • Details

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Product code GW_GSM-20H10

Guarantee 24 months

Detailed Description GW Instek GSM-20H10 Programmable High Precision DC Source Meter manufacturers description

GW Instek GSM-20H10 is a precision source meter that provides highly stable DC power and instrument-grade 6½-digit multimeter measurements. While operating, it can be used as a voltage source, current source, voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter, which is uniquely ideal for the evaluation of component characteristics and the test applications of production, including nanomaterials and components, semiconductor architecture, organic materials, high-efficiency illumination, passive components and material characteristics analysis, etc.

GSM-20H10 provides four-quadrant operation of ±210V/±1.05A/22W. The first and third quadrants operate as power supplies to supply power to the load. The second and fourth quadrants function as loads to consume power internally. Voltage value, current value and resistance value can be measured while operating the power supply or load function with an accuracy of 0.012% and a resolution of 1µV/10pA/10µΩ.

With respect to sampling rate, GSM-20H10 supports a sampling rate of up to 50k points/second, which can accurately analyze the characteristics of the DUT. With the large 4.3-inch screen, all measurement settings, parameters and results can be completely displayed on the screen. The SDM (Source Delay Measure) function is provided to delay sampling when the signal changes so as to prevent the unstable signal from being captured and cause misjudgment. There are four built-in sequence output modes (Stair, Log, SRC-MEM, Custom), which can support up to 2500 points of sequence variation output.

Pertaining to protection, GSM-20H10 provides OVP/OTP modes. The design of OVP allows users to self-define the range of OVP. OTP can effectively prevent errors caused by temperature drift during the test process. For interfaces, this product supports standard SCPI commands and provides RS-232, USBTMC, LAN, GPIB (optional) interfaces to meet users’ different interface needs

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