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Elektro-Automatik ELR_10750_20_3U Electronic load 0...750V_0...20A_5000W

    ELR-10000 3U Series features:

  • Wide range input, 208 V - 480 V +-10 % 3ph AC
  • Active Power-Factor-Correction, typical 0.99
  • Regenerative with energy recovery into the grid
  • Very high efficiency up to 96 %
  • High performance of up to 15 kW per unit
  • Voltage from 0 - 80 V up to 0 - 2000 V
  • Currents from 0 - 20 A up to 0 - 510 A
  • Flexible power regulated DC output stages (autoranging)
  • Regulation mode CV, CC, CP, CR with fast crossover
  • Digital regulation, high resolution with 16bit ADCs and DACs, selection of control speed: Normal, Fast, Slow
  • Color 5“ TFT display with touch control and intuitive user interface
  • Galvanically isolated Share-Bus for parallel operation of all power classes in the 10000 series
  • Master-Slave bus for parallel operation of up to 64 units of all power classes in the 10000 series
  • Integrated function generator with predefined curves
  • Integrated battery test mode
  • Photovoltaic test mode, MPPT
  • Command languages and drivers: SCPI and ModBus, LabVIEW, IVI
  • Built-in interfaces: USB, Ethernet, Analog, USB Host, Master-Slave-Bus, Share-Bus
  • Details

(ex. VAT) € 10 300.00
RRP € 10 300.00
Availability 22 weeks
Product code EA_ELR_10750_20_3U

Guarantee 24 months

Detailed Description Elektro-Automatik ELR_10750_20_3U Electronic load 0...750V_0...20A_5000W manufacturers description

The device series from EA Elektro-Automatik ELR 10000 are programmable electronic loads. The device is regenerative and feeds the energy back into the local grid with an efficiency up to over 96%. The ELR 10000 series includes single and three phase units, which, together with the wide input range, allows use with practically all global mains voltages. The DC voltage and current are directed by the application and the spectrum ranges from 0 - 80 V to 0 - 2000 V and from 0 - 6 A up to 0 - 1000 A in a single device. The DC-Input operates as a flexible input stage with a constant power characteristic (autoranging), and a wide voltage, current and power range. To achieve higher power and current all units are equipped with a master-slave bus. This enables up to 64 parallel connected devices to be combined into one system which can provide a load up to 1920 W and 64000 A. Such a system works as a single unit and can use different power classes, only the voltage class must remain constant. In this way a user can construct a 75 kW system from two 30 kW and one 15 kW devices from the ELR 10000 range. Furthermore, typical laboratory functionality is provided. This includes an extensive function generator, alarm and warning management, assorted interfaces and ports, software solutions and many more functions.

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