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Keysight E4980AL Precision LCR Meter


  • 20 Hz to 300 kHz/500 kHz/1 MHz, with 4-digit resolution in any range

Basic accuracy

  • 0.05% basic accuracy with superior measurement repeatability at low and high impedance

More features

  • 100 uV to 2 Vrms, 1 uA to 20 mA variable test signal
  • DC bias 1.5/2 V
  • Auto-level control
  • DC resistance
  • 201 points list sweep
  • Versatile PC connectivity (LAN, USB, and GPIB)
  • Frequency Upgradability
  •   Details

RRP on inquiry
Availability 12 weeks
Product code E4980AL

Guarantee 36 months

Detailed Description Keysight E4980AL Precision LCR Meter manufacturers description

The E4980AL precision LCR meter is an industry standard LCR meter that provides the best combination of accuracy, speed, and versatility for a wide range of component measurements. The frequency upgrades provide a solid investment option and asset utilization.


Offering fast measurement speed and outstanding performance at both low and high impedance ranges, the E4980AL is the basic tool for general R&D and manufacturing test of components and materials. LAN, USB and GPIB PC connectivity enhances your design and test productivity.


E4980AL supports a variety of accessories suitable for many applications. They are designed to make measurements simple and reliable. Check out te large selection of accessories


For frequency range up to 2 MHz, see E4980A Precision LCR Meter 20 Hz to 2 MHz. 

Note: The E4980AL precision LCR meter is available from distribution partners in the world.

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